Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Savings & Freebies this week:

Husband was pleasantly suprised with the "case construction" (nice!) travel coffee mug -- just in time as his broke yesterday. Meanwhile, I'm getting many compliments on my silver heart necklace I received from the Crystal Cathedral. Coupons, samples, money from secret shopping, and several magazines.....

The upside to today? My last minute shopping at Albertsons.
How much did I pay for:
1 Pack Applesauces
6 Albertsons Re-Usable Green bags
2 boxes Betty Crocker Potatoes
2 boxes Simply Salad
12 Starkist Tunas
1 loaf sara lee bread
3 boxes fiber one bars
5 cartons progresso broth
3 bottles kraft dressing
2 betty crocker frostings
12 boxes Premium Saltines
1 Gerber mini fruits snack bag

$31.66 - Saved $97.15

Husband will have his bars, Son will have his tuna, I will have my fave salad dressing and daughter will be WELL stocked with her cheese & tuna crackers

How? Combined Albertsons Promotions with coupons.
How much time? 30 extra minutes, between the list preparation and the shopping time
Not a bad per hour wage!

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