Monday, March 30, 2009

GDA 3/30

FREE 2-yr subscription to Working Mother (we're all "working" mothers, and even if you have no children, there are excellent articles monthly for all women.

Free Tide:

Albertsons Deals (through Tuesday 3/31:)
There were also $1/2 Post cereal coupons in the 3/1 and 3/29 SmartSource inserts.
So, here's how you can work this into a really sweet deal:Buy 5 boxes of Post cereal (select varieties only)Use 2 $1/2 couponsSpend $6.35 plus tax out of pocketGet a $5 catalina back$0.17 per box of cereal after the sale, coupons, and catalina!
The best news? You can roll this deal multiple times. Meaning, you can use the $5 catalina you earn on your first order, to go back and buy five more boxes of cereal at this price. This will make your out-of-pocket expense even lower and you'll get back another $5 catalina!
Even without the coupons, the sale price and the catalina deal make these cereals $0.67 per box--which is a great deal!

Gerber $3 off Food Coupon and $5 off Nestle Formula Coupons - Create a pledge (takes about 5 mins), print off these coupons. They have no name on the coupons, so you can pass them to someone you know with babies. Each coupon can be printed once. Vaild for 1 month:

Print $1/1 McCormick Coupon:

Print $1/1 Shout Wipes Coupon:

Seventh Generation (Organic) Baby and Cleaning Product Coupons:

$1.50/1 Yogurt IP Coupon:

Several General Mills IP Coupons - Most are $1/1:

$1.50/1 CoffeeMate Coupon:

$1/1 SouthBeach Diet Bar Coupon:

Clean & Clear IP Coupons:

ZipLoc Big Bags $3/1 Coupon:

Viva Ppr Towel IP Coupon:

FREE Sample Aveeno Hair Care:

FREE Sample Cottonelle:

Call-In For Mailed Coupon for FREE Box Glucerna Cereal:
Call 1-877-879-4857 (automated call) to receive your coupon for one (1) free box of Glucerna Cereal (free up to $5). Available in your local store in three delicious flavors: Crunchy Flakes 'n Almonds, Crunchy Flakes 'n Raisins, & Crunchy Flakes 'n Strawberries! The slowly digested carbohydrates in Glucerna products are clinically shown to help manage blood sugar

FREE Sample Emerg-C:

Easter Story Cookies (To be started the Saturday before Easter - If you would like the recipe, please email

Want a Preview of Each Weekends Coupons, before the Weekend Paper is available?:

Free Sample Metamucil:

Free Sample Jergens Lotion:

Free Sample Eucerin Lotion:

IP Coupons for Quaker Products:

Print COupons Here for Retailers -and find Coupon Codes for Online Shopping:

Subscribe to Newspapers, possibly cheaper here (compare to the price you can get with a phone call):

As Mentioned at "Saving Time and Money, Everyday" Workshop last week, here's the link to receive free samples online of Dover publications. Each Friday, they will send you an email where you can choose from puzzles (for all ages), art books, and more -- printable samples and great fun. Visit their website, click on "free samples" to sign up:

IP Campbells Soup Coupon:

Want to Host a "HouseParty" - This is the website to sign up for - they'll email you upcoming product or other promotional parties. You register only for the ones you're interested in (the parties must be held on the specified date). If chosen, you'll be sent box(s) of FREE goodies. You invite the guests, take some pix, and have fun with your friends. Share with them the goodies, and post some on your Houseparty Website. We enjoyed our Ziploc Houseparty here - let us know if you're a host sometime!

Print $1.50/1 Pampers Coupon:

Want an Entertainment Book at 75% off, plus free shipping? Buy one now, they're less that $10 each. When you sign up to receive the 2010 book automatically mailed to you -- email for the email link to get this deal

IP $1/3 Lean Cuisine:

Auntie Annes Pretzel Coupons via email:

Free Gain Sample:

Whidbey Yard Sales ( similar site)-or find the page for your community:

If you're like me and you're beginning to think spring planting, check out the FREE resources at the Better Homes and Gardens website. They can help you find the plants for your area and yard, help with gardening tips and more. You can create your own online gardening notebook too!:

Let's Hear from you -- what are you saving and what are you finding?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Good Deal Alerts 3-23


IP Coupons:
Del Monte Fruit Chillers: Has some new coupons, including $1/1 McCormicks Food Color products (just in time for easter, with an 11/09 exp and .50/1 Challenge Butter product (great for commissary shoppers!)

Sales This Week Through Tuesday:
Alberstons Double Coupons (4 coupons in their ad) valid through Tuesday
KMART- Your store may or may not be participating in Double Coupons (Oak Harbor is not)

Moneywise Women Conference - Check it Out

A friend and I attended this on Saturday. What a valuable day of inspiration, tools and encouragement. We highly suggest you take a moment and get connected to this resource.
They offer periodic workshops in several cities. There is also a monthly program you can subscrible to, and a free email newsletter.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

GDA's for 3/19

Blog to Check Out Today:
Here's a new up and coming, sure to be a "Bookmark" in your internet viewing. These FL ladies have joined forces to encourage their friends to save money. Spunky, savvy and fun:

Diaper Product Study: These are legit. Apply to test diapers. Receive the diapers, give your feedback. Get paid $10. Find more information here:
1-888-342-7372 ext. 646 (Girls)1-888-342-7372 ext. 634 (Boys)

Entertainment Books - Get yours now for as little as $12.50. If you sign up for their automatic delivery of the 2010 books, you will receive an additional $5 off. Books are well worth it, the safeway coupons alone will return your investment -- then, you have the rest of the book to use through 11/01-09 to save money on dining, retail, travel and more. - Save 60% on your choice of Printable Gift Certificates, plus receive a credit for your next $10 GC, for free! Coupon code is "GREEN" through 3/23/09

GE Lighting IP Coupon $1/1 (print 2):

Space Fans: See launch of Space Shuttle Here:

No-Knead Yeast Bread Book:

Free Gardeners Idea Book:

Viva Paper Towel IP Coupon:

$1.50 Puperoni Coupon:

Free Sample Dove Hair Care:

Another Dove Sample:

Consumer Tip (Thanks, Angie!)
This is a website which you can register your home and cell phone numbers so that telemarketers aren't bothering you!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good Deal Alert Tues 3-17

Free BBQ Spatula from Weber:

Workin' on Joining the 21st Century, Blogger Style

So, I was so excited to get an email from "SavingCentsEveryday" today... It was the latest blog post I completed last night -- how cool! Now, I'm not sure how I did that, or how you can join in the daily list of good ideas and great-deal alerts -- but try! I'll make it worth your while. (and, I won't feel as though I'm doing a whole lot of talking to myself!)

Getting back to work after a week long travel with the family(s), and all of that laundry and catch-up that comes with it has left me a little tired today... So, we'll be short on lists and long on re-cap....

Shopping today, I saved 43% at Safeway. We got Corned Beef, carrots, lettuce, one Kiwi (Ben noticed it came from Italy, and I felt as though at .99 EACH - I was helping to pay for it's plane fare!), a carton of OJ (definitely a treat - only .99!), a box of granola bars, PB, a ton of green grapes, two cartons of ice cream... and a few other things...

Tomorrow, being Tuesday, I plan on making a trip to Albertsons. There, I'll take full use of the $10 off $25 of Kraft/Orowheat Items -- and matching that with coupons, plus the three doublers, hope to buy a combination of all those above (10 items in all) for less than $8 (for all of them). Their acceptance of Competitors coupons is coming to an end. (Yes, I complained already -- and I got the same auto "sorry" response that everyone else on received).

They too, have grapes on sale -- and hopefully the cheapest price for cabbage.....

Here are a few quick GDA's:
Start your kids on a habit and desire to save money. Better yet, anyone can contribute to their savings. Go to and check it out. If you want to make your own little pink piggy bank, has a craft for you. Termed, "Upcycle Piggy Bank", it's a cool and easy craft that will also encourage your kids into a lifetime of saving money.

I'm watching Jimmy Kimmel (Nightline is over and I have yet to change it to something more intelligent)... but I'm enjoying listening to Don Rickles... I saw him in Vegas (or was it Reno) a few lifetimes ago.... classic, real humor -- he is as good now as he was then. Sure, it's not all clean, but most of the time, you just have to agree... A deadpan, dry, impromptu sense of humor -- love it!

On a Safety note, if you've ever wanted to see a demonstration of proper car seat use and installation, you can find instructional videos at If you prefer an in-person demonstration and safety check, go to or call Dept of Transp 888-327-4236

My Inspiration Today (for Tuesday): Self Magazine's "SELF Challenge 2009". I'm ready to head back to the gym. SELF has it all laid out, in simple snipets -- how I can get in shape. Diet, excercise, toning, -- best of all there are pictures of the workouts (and online videos if you hear & see better than you read). If you want to join my Self Challenge Team, let me know - let's go for health in 2009! Find it all at

Finally, though I'm thrilled to get an email feed from myself, I would be more thrilled to know that I'm reaching someone out there - that I've got all the right boxes in "set-up" checked and you're benefiting from my daily dose of frugal inspiration -- so, after you've signed up, let me know.... And, add your own 2-cents (or more!) -- it'll only get more interesting then.... Ithink it's so cool now that instead of emailing all of you (whenever I get around to it), I can now send you one daily email that has all the links and GDA's (as they are available).... Hang on, we'll be saving Time and Money Now!

Thanks for reading -

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Savings Alert, Week of March 15

Albertsons "Double Coupons" Coupons (Coupons to use to Double Coupons)
Look in Today's Seattle Times (or your local paper) - These are valid through Tuesday
Albertsons also has (Through Tuesday): milk (3 Gals for $5), .99 Grapes, $1.99 Meats sale, bogo croissants, Pork $2.88 sale, Albertsons Cereal $1.49, and Stouffers/Smart Ones $1.88 Ea

Parade and USA Magazines (Supplements in your Sunday Paper) have $3 coupons for Prilosec OTC

March is "Frozen Food Month": Be on the lookout for deals and coupons for frozen food items. March 1st Inserts had several coupons for frozen foods (which will likely be on sale sometime this month)

Walgreen Highlights:
In todays Smart Source (SS) Insert, there is a coupon for $3 off when you buy (WYB) 1 Reach Tbrush, one Reach Floss and One Listerine. Walgreen has these on sale, 3 For $9. When you buy these three, you will receive a $6 Register Reward (RR). Final Price for the three items is $0. (you pay $6 plus tax, but you get to spend $6 on your next purchase (OYNO)- for anything.

Insert Highlights:
In Seattle Times/PI Paper (which is the leading paper for coupons in Seattle Area):
SmartSource (SS):
$1/1 any Oroweat Item
Easter Candy Coupons
Coupons for Glade (bogo coupons), Ziploc and General Mills Items

Red Plum (RP):
Dove Products, Easter Candy, Zyrtec (and other OTC meds), Target Cpn for Easter Candy

Do You Buy "Caregiver Products" (Huggies, Depends & others) - Get Rebates Here:

Free Samples:

Free Seeds From Campbells Soup
(enter the UPC from two cans of soup)

IP Coupons:
Kettle Chips:

Pepsi - free 12-pack of Diet Pepsi flavors when you buy any 2 Diet Pepsi 12-packs

Peter Pan PB:

SlimFast IP Coupons/Deals:

Kraft Bagelfuls $1:

horizon (organic) Milk Coupons:

Organic Foods Coupons and Deals:

Saving $ Coupon Tip: - they have IP (Internet Print) coupons, and you can load coupons onto your Safeway card via this site (from Proctor & Gamble)

UpComing Deals:
April Issue of All You Magazine (Sold in WalMart or Subscription) will offer coupon for free Mascara!

UpComing Info:
I'm in the process of moving from the coupon box to the coupon binder... I've found some awesome mentors, and I feel that this organizing method will work much better. Stay tuned for more info.... If you have a method you prefer or some tricks to your coupon savings, please let me know!

We Made it Home From CA.... back to work!

Hello All,

We missed you, and some great deals while we were away -- but now we're back. So, back to the bloggin' and other great things to come. I hope that you have had a chance to check out "Frugal Living Event".....

If you "Facebook", we're there too. Look for SavingCentsEveryday.

Say "hello" when you stop in and share a "Good Deal" or two!

Monday, March 2, 2009

BestDealMagazines - This Weeks Deals

Offers Valid Through 9pm (Pacific Time)

Monday: EVERYDAY FOOD, $9.49 (one year)
Tuesday:PLAYROOM is a magazine for children age 2-6. $13.49 (One Year)
Wednesday: AUTOWEEK $4.29 (one year)
Thursday: Dog Fancy, $9;49 (one year)
Friday: GOLF ILLUSTRATED, $9.49 (one year)
Saturday: PC Gamer: $10.29 (one year)
Sign up to receive the list of their weekly deals. Some are "can't be beat" deals!

Print a copy of your receipt, note on your Magazines page in
your Home Notebook, to watch for it to begin

Two Free Years to Family Circle & Free Elle Decor

While Supplies Last

Family Circle:

1-yr to Elle Decor:

Free Working Mother Magazine:

(Note it in your "Home Notebook", to remember later where it came from!)

Monday-Only Free Redbox DVD Rental Codes - Here,, or Twitter!

For Monday, March 2 Only:


Expires tonight (Mon, Mar 2) at midnight CST
Code can also be accessed at:

Sign up at to receive the code automaticaly, each Monday

Current Good Deal Alerts

IP (Internet Printable) Coupons, Save Money on:

Yoplait Yogurt:

Smart Balance Products:


WalMart Free Samples - These are spam-free, arrive quickly and offers change often (so check back!):

Dining Out Deals:

Join Chili's Email Club for the latest happenings and exclusive offersincluding a welcome gift of FREE CHIPS & QUESO when you sign up!

In-Store Retail Good Deals:

Bath and Body Works:
Sign up for their email updates, get a "welcome offer"

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SavingCentsEveryday Good Deal Alerts Now Found Here

Welcome to the new, fast and fun place to stretch your dollars. Saving you money and time, in 2009!

Check back often, as we goal-together to cut our costs by 50%.

Post your finds and stories! You never know what you'll find -- so share and we'll all save more!