Thursday, January 29, 2009

Catching Up...we'll start with laundry savings

Coupons for Laundry Products -- you can print these, or ask that they be mailed to you

Buy One Glade Scented Oil Candle Starter Kit - Get One Free-Printable Coupon!!

Whew! After all that laundry, Relax with your free bottle of Diet Dr Pepper:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good Deal Alert & Updates for 1/7/09

Just sent out the SavingCentsEveryday weekly Good Deal Alert.... lots of freebies in there. If you've not yet joined, this would be a super day to do so.

Walgreens of Oak harbor is currently not accepting coupons in combination with their Easy Saver Catalog Coupons....We're checking this change out - stay tuned.

Lots of good deals at Albertsons this week -- special "Coupon doublers" on the front page of their mailed ad. Word is that there may not be extras available in the stores -- so grab your mail and/or network with your neighbors to get one. And, it may be that their acceptance of competitor coupons is coming to an end.... we'll see what happens in the coming weeks....

For more, check out our Saving Cents Everyday Facebook Group or

Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Great Walgreens Savings of 2009

Be sure to go out and get a few Sunday papers (or ask your neighbors for inserts they're not going to use).... Some goodies in there for this week and shopping weeks to come.Evidently, the Ben & Jerrys Emailed coupon is no longer for $3/pint but a BOGO for ice cream cones in-store.....

For Walgreens, in today's paper (the seattle times is best to get all the coupons)Palmolive, soft soap, quaker instant oatmeal, garnier products, Jif, smuckers and progresso soup can all be bought for less than $1. (Garnier hair products will be free when combined with walgreens super saver coupon book).If you have December Inserts at the ready, 12-7 Red Plum (RP) has $4/1 Maybelline new york product coupons - these should be on sale this week.12-14 RP inserts have Kelloggs $1/1's -- with walgreens RR (Register Rewards), the final price for four boxes wil be $3.And, while I am at it -- if any of you out there have October 12th Smart Source inserts -- with the Similac Formula coupons -- I am on the lookout for these for a friend of mine. I'd be happy to send you something you can use.Off I go! Good Luck!

My Walgreens Trip Saved $105.85, plus a few misc coupons printed out and $8 in Register rewards. For my second transaction, thanks to my friendly and informative Walgreens cashier, I bought the St Ives Body wash and polish combo for just $1.66. They have a coupon at the counter for the body polish ($2), and as a gift, you get the body wash for free. $5.99 for both. I used my $5 RR for this.

We got: four boxes mini wheats, two boxes oatmeal, one sea salt shaker, four Maybelline New York lip glosses, two Sally Hansen nail polishes, two St Ives spa products, 12 folders, three ajax, two hershys kisses bags, three boxes of cashew turtles, one excedrin migrane, one electrosol tabs, on palmolive lavendar soap, one softsoap with fishies, one childrens tylenol, two reynolds foil, two theraflu, four progresso soups, one garneir fructis hair spray, one bag chocolate coins, one christmas disney candy ornament.Wow - all for less than $50, when you consider the rebate on the Electrosol (walgreens rebate), the $8 in RR and coupons for misc products.Even better than saving the money?! I found the perfect nail polish once again. I loved "wine with everything" by a major co -- but they don't make it any more. The "Vital Violet" by Sally Hansen -- is it! Yeah! Now, if the lip glosses work too, that'll be really great - ha ha!

What did you find for deals?

Friday, January 2, 2009

I'll be warmer now for winter...

Warmer and For Less - Before the End of Season?!
My Dickies order just arrived.... I'm so thrilled. Two warm thermal shirts (no, not purple!) and a outdoor coat - warmly lined with a hood. Drum roll please..... I paid $30.XX for the three, including shipping. The coat alone is worth $65. I found this deal they were offering through 12/31-Free shipping too. Awesome. It's been a long time since I have bought new clothes -- for myself. Especially a jacket -- and before the end of season! Saving money pays! So cool -- but I'll be so warm. Hubby is jealous, the arms are too short for him :)

I so wanted Thai food yesterday, but the brake on the right side of Hubby's truck was not working (he quickly drove by the Thai place since he was in a hurry for a hair cut). Not to be discouraged, I foraged through my kitchen cabinets and came up with "Amy's Curry in a Hurry (and little mess!)". Curry powder and REAL coconut milk (I had been using 'diet' coconut milk). No prepared chicken in the freezer (have to get back to that routine), so it was Vegan curry -- complete with garbanzo beans, broccoli, and potatoes. I had fun tossing spices in, like Emeril.....who knows what it could have become! It was delicious, if I do say so myself. It was even better the next day..... So, money saved, and confidence increased since I cooked GOOD food myself.

My find today? It's the Ben & Jerry's ChunkSpelunker Club on their website. $3 off their pints -- and they'll be on sale next week at Walgreens. Join the club at their Ben & Jerry's website and they'll send you a link -- don't forget to print twice.

Oh, and four inserts in this weekend's papers! $2.+ off Electrosol and other goodies! Kmart Doubles, apparently, this week beginning 1/4. Doubles coupons up to and including $1. Check with your local stores customer service desk. The word is no flyers will be sent out.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A few new Good Deal Alerts

Free Savers Calendar (for Value Village/Savers Stores)
All fields will need to be filled out to receive your Free Calendar.
A Calendar Coupon will be emailed to you a few days after our Survey deadline of Jan 2nd, 2009, redeemable at your local Savers/Value Village Store

Free Popcorn

Free Cereal (you may need to check back on this one later in the week)

Free $27 in coupons from Proctor & Gamble (By Mail)

Have A Goal? Encouragment is Here!

I have recently joined a new Yahoo group, one I found from the website. These women are discussing their monthly shopping budget, sharing ideas on how to save money and encouraging one another to set some goals (or budgets for spending).

SavingCentsEveryday's goal is to provide you with the links, resources, ideas and best of all, a community to share as we all venture to save our time and money in 2009. I hope that some of you will take advantage of this blog forum, attend a SavingCentsEveryday workshop, and join the Good Deal Alert. Remember, it's an investment in your future -- and, if we all have our eyes and ears out for a good deal (and share it here) -- we'll all be that much closer to our goals.

For me, my goal is to improve upon (and use frequently) the organizational tools that I share with you -- and those are what make saving money a reachable goal. When we can streamline the process and commit to what may start out as a new routine -- it does get easier.

Someone recently asked me during a workshop how much time it takes to save money. I replied that it is like any other hobby, job or lifestyle change you wish to learn. There is a new process, a new routine, and if you don't resist change -- you'll have more change in your pocket at the end of the month. There's a learning time -- and then a time when you realize that not only is it worth it -- it can be fun!

To answer her question in plain, number terms: I probably spend 2 hours a week at the tasks involved in saving as much money as I do. If that seems like alot, consider that I have revolutionized my daily routine with tools and resources which save me a whole lot of time too.

When I go shopping, I save an average of $30-50 dollars at any one time. Do the math and you can see what I made for my time well spent. Multiply that by 4 and you can realize what I save in one month's time. That $200 dollars is only in cash register receipts for food & household. That does not include coupons I've printed off the Internet (or received in the mail), freebies received in the mail, money saved when online shopping, money saved on monthly bills (promotions and calls to Companies to get the best deal on services, etc), comparison shopping savings, freecycle/trading successes -- the list goes on....

Time and Money are precious resources -- and it takes one to make the other. I take seriously my daily life and, of course, factor in a whole lot of family time and "memory making" time.

As my children get older, I am seeing that the time I spend saving us money and getting the best deal (not to mention the organizational skills) -- they are picking up on those. So, even that time spent is time well spent. They value their money, time, resources -- and they often ask "where's the best deal" -- or at least realize that money needs to be intentionally spent.

Girl's Day At The Mall

That title might scare the common husband, but my husband gratefully knows better. He's known me long enough to know that 1. I don't frequent malls and 2. when I do, I go armed with coupons.

Gracie and I had the afternoon together in Burlington. First stop was to Bath & Body Works. We arrived in time for their semi-annual sale. 75% off a whole lot of things. Bath & Body Works is not a place I would usually shop -- but before Christmas, I was looking for an item that they (of course) no long carry. I was not discouraged though, I found a few nice things for hubby.

Today, I returned. In my arsonal, I had: One $10 GC (Thank you, Smokey Point MOPS group!) and a $10 off $30 purchase -- plus the sale we walked into.

In my shopping bag, I came home with:
1 Hands Cleansing Cream
10 nail files
1 long-handled bath scrub brush
1 set of travel size shampoo & conditioner
1 orchid body butter
1 stuffed lamb animal (gracie's find for the day)
2 8-oz bottles body lotion
1 2-oz body spray
1 2-oz shower gel

Retail Price $95 and change, plus tax
After Coupon, Sale Prices and GC

$17.xx -- Not bad for a "mall novice".

I'm telling you... I've never seen so many "SALE" signs in the mall. A bargainers paradise -- if not for the fact that unless you're paying cash (or your credit card bill at the end of the month), a good deal costs more.

At an accessory store, I found two sets of hair clips for myself. I paid $2.xx. They were originally $4.50 and 5.50 each.

Then, we went to see Marley and Me at the movies. We saved $17 in admission costs with our Fandango Movie Passes from a summer Albertsons Promotion. (as a side note, I found the movie to contain some less than "ok" parts for anyone over the age of 4. There were a few suprise "S" and "b" words -- plus some uncessary "gratituious adult scenes". There's also a scene where someone is crying because they were stabbed. Gracie might have been the youngest in the room, although I did see some other kids in the line. My son (age 11) however, would have been asking questions about some of the adult content and themes in this movie.

Money Saving Muses is my website and in addition to the upcoming class on January 13 I also offer a weekly "Good Deal Alert" via email. Because I love to share ideas and how I've saved money, I've started this blog.

I hope to post here where I saved money (and time) and how. Follow along and/or add your own ideas.