Monday, May 18, 2009

I Saved $100-plus, here's how!

We ventured to Safeway yesterday, in time to take advantage of their weekend specials. A friend of mine presented me with at $10/50 coupon, but that was just the beginning.

It took very little time, perhaps 20 minutes, to match what they had on sale with the coupons I had. Most of the coupons I used were from -- and other IP (Internet Printable) coupons.

Here's what we scored at Safeway:
one California Kitchen Pizza
2 Digorno Flatbreads (there were coupons on the freezer case for $1/1)
six peaches
one pound container strawberries (Free with coupon from
six corn on the cob
One honeydew melon
Enough Top Round Steaks for 8 servings
Two pounds Safeway packaged ham lunchmeat
Two oscar meyer pkgs hot dogs
Three Del Monte Cups Grapefruit
Three Kraft Mac n Cheese Cups
Three Cans Cream Mushroom Soup
Four pounds frozen chicken breasts
Two pounds cooked, frozen shrimp
One bottle chilled wine (it was warm yesterday!)
Two bags of Dorittos
One Sweet Spice BBQ Sauce
Two cans baby corn cobs
Two pounds stem on tomatoes
Final Paid Price was $61.58
Saved $100.86

Today, I went to Albertsons:
One pair reading glasses (for husband- on clearance - were originally $14.99)
One nice pair sunglasses (for me-on clearance, were originally $14.99)
Three Betty Crocker Frostings
Four Suddenly Salad Mixes
Two Dri Idea Deodorants (on clearance, were originally $4.xx, had $2/1 IP Coupons)
Ten Propel Waters
Two Warm Delights mini packs
Six Sara Lee Bagels
Two pkgs Temptations Cat Snacks (had BOGO cpn, on sale-for son's food drive)
Final Price Paid: $21.14
Saved $66.51

Again, it was a process of matching sales/promotions with coupons -- and a few lucky clearance items.

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