Thursday, January 1, 2009

Girl's Day At The Mall

That title might scare the common husband, but my husband gratefully knows better. He's known me long enough to know that 1. I don't frequent malls and 2. when I do, I go armed with coupons.

Gracie and I had the afternoon together in Burlington. First stop was to Bath & Body Works. We arrived in time for their semi-annual sale. 75% off a whole lot of things. Bath & Body Works is not a place I would usually shop -- but before Christmas, I was looking for an item that they (of course) no long carry. I was not discouraged though, I found a few nice things for hubby.

Today, I returned. In my arsonal, I had: One $10 GC (Thank you, Smokey Point MOPS group!) and a $10 off $30 purchase -- plus the sale we walked into.

In my shopping bag, I came home with:
1 Hands Cleansing Cream
10 nail files
1 long-handled bath scrub brush
1 set of travel size shampoo & conditioner
1 orchid body butter
1 stuffed lamb animal (gracie's find for the day)
2 8-oz bottles body lotion
1 2-oz body spray
1 2-oz shower gel

Retail Price $95 and change, plus tax
After Coupon, Sale Prices and GC

$17.xx -- Not bad for a "mall novice".

I'm telling you... I've never seen so many "SALE" signs in the mall. A bargainers paradise -- if not for the fact that unless you're paying cash (or your credit card bill at the end of the month), a good deal costs more.

At an accessory store, I found two sets of hair clips for myself. I paid $2.xx. They were originally $4.50 and 5.50 each.

Then, we went to see Marley and Me at the movies. We saved $17 in admission costs with our Fandango Movie Passes from a summer Albertsons Promotion. (as a side note, I found the movie to contain some less than "ok" parts for anyone over the age of 4. There were a few suprise "S" and "b" words -- plus some uncessary "gratituious adult scenes". There's also a scene where someone is crying because they were stabbed. Gracie might have been the youngest in the room, although I did see some other kids in the line. My son (age 11) however, would have been asking questions about some of the adult content and themes in this movie.

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