Sunday, February 8, 2009

Feb, Already?

How are you doing in your efforts to save money in 2009?

I have hit upon some incredible deals, some fun times (Ziploc HouseParty was fun!) -- and I look forward to more savings as the year goes on.

Right now, I want to make you aware of two new favorites of mine. - shop first through this site (begin your shopping here), and receive cash back on your purchases. Ebates and the retailers also offer special promotions and offers -- which add to your savings.

UPromise - register your shopper reward cards, join their dining program, register your credit card and more ways to begin saving money towards your childs (or grandchilds) education. Grandparents and relatives can register their cards towards the child of their choice. Receive credit to your college account by purchasing participating products, shopping/dining at participating companies. - Check this one out! We just had our Ziploc Houseparty. There are all sorts of HouseParty offers to come -- everything from TV shows, food products, apparel and more. "Apply" for parties of interest and you may be chosen to host the party. Receive products, invite your guests and enjoy a fun time.

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