Friday, February 13, 2009

Safeway Takes The Cake (and I got cake too!) Today

Usually, my tips and posts center around shopping at Albertsons. This week, I chose to shop at Safeway, due to the fact that my local Albertsons discontinued their policy of accepting manuf coupons with their in-ad coupons....

I called ahead to our local Safeway and they confirmed by phone that manuf coupons would be accepted with the many store coupons printed in their ad this week (And bonus Sunday circular).

As detailed in this week's SavingCentsEveryday Good Deal Alert, savings were plentiful.

I purchased:
Two Pounds Safeway Cheddar Cheese
Two Pounds Asparagus
Two New York Strip Steaks (30% discount)
Three Packages Hillshire Farms Boxed Lunch Meat (store coupon + manuf cpn)
One Hillshire Farms Small Pkg Sandwich Beef ($1 bin)
Betty Crocker: Three cake mixes, one cookie mix and one frosting (buy 2, get three free +coupons)
Two Bottles of wine (splurged on the nicer stuff)
Two avocados
Package of Romaine Hearts
Fresh Basil and Cilantro
Phillips Steam Spiced Frozen Shrimp
One sm bottle Listerine - only .99!
One loaf Safeway bread
Pkg of turkey cutlets ($2.99 on clearance, were $6.99)
One Pork Tenderloin (just $3.99 after combining coupons)
Two cans of diced tomatoes (one free from Del Monte)
Two bottles sobe water
One pkg Craisins
Two packages of Valentine Lollipops for kids classmates

A good variety of items. The total was $74.55
I saved that same amount, so 50% saved today.

From this, I will have Valentines dinner, at least 3 other meals with the other meats purchased, my husbands sandwiches for next week, valentines treats, daughter's birthday cake, salads for a few days.....

If you subtract the wine, steak, shrimp and candy -- which were extras this week -- I did stay well within my $50 budget for the shopping trip. I also had a coupon for $5/$50 from my Entertainment Book.

Husband and I are going out to a fundraiser "Night in Italy" Dinner at a local church Friday night (for our Valentine night out). We decided to stay home and enjoy the Valentines day/evening at home -- hence the wine, steak, shrimp and extra ingredients purchased today. Cheaper than going out - and the money paid for more than one meal (turkey cutlets & pork loin for later on this month).

In the mail today: My three books swapped via, Family Fun Magazine (purchased either at a discount or my free subscription from JollyTime Popcorn), and Weight Watchers Mag (purchased at a discount- and it had Ziploc coupons in it!)

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