Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Workin' on Joining the 21st Century, Blogger Style

So, I was so excited to get an email from "SavingCentsEveryday" today... It was the latest blog post I completed last night -- how cool! Now, I'm not sure how I did that, or how you can join in the daily list of good ideas and great-deal alerts -- but try! I'll make it worth your while. (and, I won't feel as though I'm doing a whole lot of talking to myself!)

Getting back to work after a week long travel with the family(s), and all of that laundry and catch-up that comes with it has left me a little tired today... So, we'll be short on lists and long on re-cap....

Shopping today, I saved 43% at Safeway. We got Corned Beef, carrots, lettuce, one Kiwi (Ben noticed it came from Italy, and I felt as though at .99 EACH - I was helping to pay for it's plane fare!), a carton of OJ (definitely a treat - only .99!), a box of granola bars, PB, a ton of green grapes, two cartons of ice cream... and a few other things...

Tomorrow, being Tuesday, I plan on making a trip to Albertsons. There, I'll take full use of the $10 off $25 of Kraft/Orowheat Items -- and matching that with coupons, plus the three doublers, hope to buy a combination of all those above (10 items in all) for less than $8 (for all of them). Their acceptance of Competitors coupons is coming to an end. (Yes, I complained already -- and I got the same auto "sorry" response that everyone else on RefundCents.com received).

They too, have grapes on sale -- and hopefully the cheapest price for cabbage.....

Here are a few quick GDA's:
Start your kids on a habit and desire to save money. Better yet, anyone can contribute to their savings. Go to smartypig.com and check it out. If you want to make your own little pink piggy bank, parentsmag.com has a craft for you. Termed, "Upcycle Piggy Bank", it's a cool and easy craft that will also encourage your kids into a lifetime of saving money.

I'm watching Jimmy Kimmel (Nightline is over and I have yet to change it to something more intelligent)... but I'm enjoying listening to Don Rickles... I saw him in Vegas (or was it Reno) a few lifetimes ago.... classic, real humor -- he is as good now as he was then. Sure, it's not all clean, but most of the time, you just have to agree... A deadpan, dry, impromptu sense of humor -- love it!

On a Safety note, if you've ever wanted to see a demonstration of proper car seat use and installation, you can find instructional videos at chop.edu/carseat If you prefer an in-person demonstration and safety check, go to seatcheck.org or call Dept of Transp 888-327-4236

My Inspiration Today (for Tuesday): Self Magazine's "SELF Challenge 2009". I'm ready to head back to the gym. SELF has it all laid out, in simple snipets -- how I can get in shape. Diet, excercise, toning, -- best of all there are pictures of the workouts (and online videos if you hear & see better than you read). If you want to join my Self Challenge Team, let me know - let's go for health in 2009! Find it all at Self.com

Finally, though I'm thrilled to get an email feed from SavingCentsEveryday.Blogspot.com myself, I would be more thrilled to know that I'm reaching someone out there - that I've got all the right boxes in "set-up" checked and you're benefiting from my daily dose of frugal inspiration -- so, after you've signed up, let me know.... And, add your own 2-cents (or more!) -- it'll only get more interesting then.... Ithink it's so cool now that instead of emailing all of you (whenever I get around to it), I can now send you one daily email that has all the links and GDA's (as they are available).... Hang on, we'll be saving Time and Money Now!

Thanks for reading -

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