Monday, March 30, 2009

GDA 3/30

FREE 2-yr subscription to Working Mother (we're all "working" mothers, and even if you have no children, there are excellent articles monthly for all women.

Free Tide:

Albertsons Deals (through Tuesday 3/31:)
There were also $1/2 Post cereal coupons in the 3/1 and 3/29 SmartSource inserts.
So, here's how you can work this into a really sweet deal:Buy 5 boxes of Post cereal (select varieties only)Use 2 $1/2 couponsSpend $6.35 plus tax out of pocketGet a $5 catalina back$0.17 per box of cereal after the sale, coupons, and catalina!
The best news? You can roll this deal multiple times. Meaning, you can use the $5 catalina you earn on your first order, to go back and buy five more boxes of cereal at this price. This will make your out-of-pocket expense even lower and you'll get back another $5 catalina!
Even without the coupons, the sale price and the catalina deal make these cereals $0.67 per box--which is a great deal!

Gerber $3 off Food Coupon and $5 off Nestle Formula Coupons - Create a pledge (takes about 5 mins), print off these coupons. They have no name on the coupons, so you can pass them to someone you know with babies. Each coupon can be printed once. Vaild for 1 month:

Print $1/1 McCormick Coupon:

Print $1/1 Shout Wipes Coupon:

Seventh Generation (Organic) Baby and Cleaning Product Coupons:

$1.50/1 Yogurt IP Coupon:

Several General Mills IP Coupons - Most are $1/1:

$1.50/1 CoffeeMate Coupon:

$1/1 SouthBeach Diet Bar Coupon:

Clean & Clear IP Coupons:

ZipLoc Big Bags $3/1 Coupon:

Viva Ppr Towel IP Coupon:

FREE Sample Aveeno Hair Care:

FREE Sample Cottonelle:

Call-In For Mailed Coupon for FREE Box Glucerna Cereal:
Call 1-877-879-4857 (automated call) to receive your coupon for one (1) free box of Glucerna Cereal (free up to $5). Available in your local store in three delicious flavors: Crunchy Flakes 'n Almonds, Crunchy Flakes 'n Raisins, & Crunchy Flakes 'n Strawberries! The slowly digested carbohydrates in Glucerna products are clinically shown to help manage blood sugar

FREE Sample Emerg-C:

Easter Story Cookies (To be started the Saturday before Easter - If you would like the recipe, please email

Want a Preview of Each Weekends Coupons, before the Weekend Paper is available?:

Free Sample Metamucil:

Free Sample Jergens Lotion:

Free Sample Eucerin Lotion:

IP Coupons for Quaker Products:

Print COupons Here for Retailers -and find Coupon Codes for Online Shopping:

Subscribe to Newspapers, possibly cheaper here (compare to the price you can get with a phone call):

As Mentioned at "Saving Time and Money, Everyday" Workshop last week, here's the link to receive free samples online of Dover publications. Each Friday, they will send you an email where you can choose from puzzles (for all ages), art books, and more -- printable samples and great fun. Visit their website, click on "free samples" to sign up:

IP Campbells Soup Coupon:

Want to Host a "HouseParty" - This is the website to sign up for - they'll email you upcoming product or other promotional parties. You register only for the ones you're interested in (the parties must be held on the specified date). If chosen, you'll be sent box(s) of FREE goodies. You invite the guests, take some pix, and have fun with your friends. Share with them the goodies, and post some on your Houseparty Website. We enjoyed our Ziploc Houseparty here - let us know if you're a host sometime!

Print $1.50/1 Pampers Coupon:

Want an Entertainment Book at 75% off, plus free shipping? Buy one now, they're less that $10 each. When you sign up to receive the 2010 book automatically mailed to you -- email for the email link to get this deal

IP $1/3 Lean Cuisine:

Auntie Annes Pretzel Coupons via email:

Free Gain Sample:

Whidbey Yard Sales ( similar site)-or find the page for your community:

If you're like me and you're beginning to think spring planting, check out the FREE resources at the Better Homes and Gardens website. They can help you find the plants for your area and yard, help with gardening tips and more. You can create your own online gardening notebook too!:

Let's Hear from you -- what are you saving and what are you finding?

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