Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Finds & Updates

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Free Pampers Training Kit:

If you did not get a copy of the Sunday Seattle Times (or major market newspaper in your area), it may not be too late. Inside, there were three doubler coupons for Albertsons and $2.50 off Electrosol. For us in the Seattle area, the Seattle Times is the paper to get on the weekends, as the Smartsource insert includes pages of bonus coupons (as in the case this last weekend), of General Mills coupons and others.

Target Shoppers? One of these days, I'll make it up to our local Target. Many women I know list Target among their favorite places to get a great deal on groceries, etc. Target offers their own printable coupons, which you can combine with manuf or internet printed coupons. Here's a blog which does the "matching" for you. The savings appear impressive! We'd love to hear what you save on your next visit to Target.
(Note: Even if you're not planning a trip to Target, check this blog for links to general printable coupons for use at other stores (besides the Target Specific IP Coupons).

Wendy's Asian Chicken IP $1/1: - "Real Simple" Magazine for just $5

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