Friday, July 3, 2009

Where do you find those great Grocery Deals?

Hey! There's a Redbox Code for the weekend, apparently valid through July 7:

A Sweet Reminder: Friday means free chocolate at Mars:

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Today's Q & A:
"Amy, where do you find those great grocery Deals? Isn't it 'too much work'?":

I could spend time posting for you lists of matching coupons to sales, but these ladies do it up so well (photos even!) I've decided not to try to "re-create the wheel". I will though, post when I find something great, and I'll let you in on how I saved money this week. Please share your successes too.

We also meet on our Facebook group, which is "SavingCentsEveryday". Join us! You'll find frequently updated good deal alerts - don't miss a thing, and be sure to post your finds as well.

Here are a few that make finding the best deals at Walgreens, Walmart, Safeway, Albertsons, Target and others easy. All you need now is to begin saving and filing those inserts -- you're on your way to cutting those grocery bills in half:

Blog that send you great tips, links to promotions and money saving advice:

In-depth, solid and thought-provoking, money and financial information designed to save you money:

So, now you have the links to saving more at the store....look forward to saving more money, everyday!

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