Sunday, July 26, 2009

We're back... Here are a few "Hot" deals

It's a scorcher here today..... Hope your weekend has been sunny as well. We're making our way back to progress here.... Ready to inspire savings and mentor
you towards a "Fuller Life at Half Price"
Free e-Book from Ziploc:
With two Ziploc UPC codes, you can register online to download a 22-page e-book designed to help you create great lunchbox meals:
Puget Sound Energy (PSE) "Rock the Bulb" Tour:
If you live within the PSE service area, this tour of exchanging your standard bulbs for more energy efficent ones (and other events) is for you. Find the location of a tour stop (and bring your 10 bulbs) and more events/promotions here:
Free "Everyday Cheapskate" Email: Subscribe to author Mary Hunt's daily emails with reader ideas and "Everyday Cheapskate" information. All sorts of topics are covered and tips distributed here:
Free Sample Total Cereal:
Free Sample Multi Grain Cheerios (and other Products from
New IP Coupons at
Want to Match Available Coupons with Current Grocery Promotions:
These are great sites with expansive sources and data bases for quickly matching printable coupons and Sunday-insert coupons for getting the most from your money at your favorite stores. Family Time and Money (that's me), does not exist to re-create what these ladies do so fabulously. Visit them and read up on the deals for the week.
Family Time and Money exists to give you the highlights and stand-out deals. I also will share my savings, and detail for you how I did them, so that you can learn along with me. So, don't go away for too long... we're revin' up to offer you more for your time here with us! $25 Gift Certificates for just $2. Current discount coupon code: "NAPKIN" (Expires Tues July 28)
Free Mocha Monday - it's the last Monday in July, so stop by for your free mocha from 7 am to 7pm at McDonalds!
Free Moneywise Women Info and Email: We went to the Moneywise Women conference earlier this year and came home with more than a wealth of vital, valuable financial information. Marcia's book, "The Money Therapist" is an excellent, inspiring read. Get more info here:
More Time & Money Info to follow..... and stay tuned to the debut of our new website!
P.s. Have you visited yet? Tuesday night's live (7PM, PST), chattin' webshow will feature great organizing tips and giveaways!
Plus, view and chat conversation with moms, like you!
You can view past shows at the website and subscribe to receive daily emails full of articles, giveaways and product reviews.
Oak Harbor's Frugal Friends are meeting this Wednesday, July 29 at 1pm. Please email for RSVP and information. We'll share what we've been saving lately (and how), exchange ideas, tools, and coupons) and there'll be freebies too! An evening get-together will be planned -- as well as discussion of a more permanent day/time for our Frugal Friends Day group. (so, send in your vote for time & day) Thanks!

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