Monday, June 29, 2009

Albertsons Savings, Once Again! 6/28

Made two trips to Albertsons today (Sunday)..... Here are the details:

Trip One:
Nine Starkist Tunas (three $1.50/3 coupons)
One Activia Yogurt Pack (one $1/1 insert coupon)

Paid: $1.72 cash paid
Saved $15.86 (with coupons, Albertsons Doublers, and the instant $5 discount)

Received: Two $1 off your next purchase Catalinas and a coupon for FREE Albertsons Cookies (up to $3.99), and a coupon for $2.50/10 tuna (for next trip's purchase!)

Note: Starkist is giving us $1 off our next purchase when we purchase 5 tunas. Use the $1 off your next purchase for anything but tuna (purchase other things in the same transaction) in order to continue receiving the $1 off catalinas.

Gained: I saved the $15.86, plus I received $2 in "cash" for next purchases and the free cookies coupon -- I'd say this trip paid for itself!

Trip Two:
Twenty-Six Starkist Tunas (used two $2.50/10 and one $1.50/3 coupons)

One Wasa Fiber Crackers (there are $1/1 coupons on the product for these, located in the salad dressing aisle- double these with the in-ad doublers)

Two Kelloggs PopTarts
Three Kelloggs Frosted Flakes
Two Kelloggs Rice krispies
Two Kraft Mac n Cheese Cups
Two Kelloggs Raisin Bran
Three Dannon Activia Yogurt

Two Ben n Jerrys Ice Cream Pints (found $1.50/1 coupons at 7-11)

One Jennie-O Turkey Bratwurst (on sale for $3.99, had a $2 discount attached)

One 18-Ct Package Albertsons Chocolate Chip Cookies (free coupon)

Two Albertsons Doublers Coupon from Ad
One Free Cookies Catalina Coupon
Epic Savings, $20.00 Discount (forty items purchased)
MFG, Store, Sales and Bonus Buy Savings

Paid: $21.97
Saved: $90.24
Five Save $1 off your Next Order
Three $5/$60 purchase coupons for July
Two $2.50/10 Tuna coupons
and some coupons for Hagen Das and Dove Ice Cream

Gained: We saved $95.25, if you add the five $1 OYNO coupons with the cash savings

With our Savings, we ventured over to the book box, next to customer service. We found two books which totaled $5.40. On our receipt was a survey offer, which will net us $2 off our next purchase in-store.

Next: One last trip to Albertsons, with my OYNO's, free bread and $2/$10 in produce, and $2/$10 in beef coupons in hand to purchase some meat and produce for the weekend. I may go for another set of Tunas, with my $2.50/10 coupons as well.

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