Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jackpot at Albertsons.... 6/24

This was the "big Sale"... Even Albertsons, in their promotion is calling it "Epic". Well, I think I topped "Epic", even for me.

Here's the scoop -- I'd take a photo but I had to put it away quick when I got home 'cause we were on our way to swimming....

Three bottles hershey's syrup
($1/3 coupon)

Three boxes Raisin Bran
(three $1/1 coupons)
(get yours at

Two boxes rice krispies
(two $1/1 coupons)

One box frosted flakes
(one $1/1 coupon)

Ten Kraft mac n cheese cups
(bogo coupon, .55/2 coupon and $1/2 coupons)

Forty-Six Starkist Tuna Packets)
($1.50/3 coupons)

Six boxes capri sun
($1/1 coupons)

Three gallons milk 3/$5

Four Dannon Activia cup packs
($1/1 coupons)

One ball motz cheese (on clearance for $1.99, was $4.99)
One Pkg Kraft string cheese 12-pk (on clearance for $1.99, was $6.99)

Misc Coupons:
$2 OYNO (catalina from earlier transaction)
$10 OYNO (catalina from last week's sale)
Two $1/1 doubling coupons (from Alb's ad)

$35 in "Epic Savings" discounts (I purchased 70 Items from the "buy 10, get $5 instant discount)

Suprise Bonus Catalinas:

Received nine Save $1 OYNO (catalinas) for my purchase of the tuna packets- I figured that $1 was given for every 5 I purchased

Received Free Bread coupon (not the receipt survey, this printed from the catalina machine)

Received Starkist Catalina: Save $2.50 when you buy 10 Starkists (I'll use this for another purchase later this week)

Received Catalina for $2 off purchase of $10 in produce

Total Savings:
Albertsons Preferred Savings:$81.74
Coupon Savings: $56.60
Store Coupons (Doublers) $2
Clearance Savings (from the cheese discounts $8)

Total Receipt savings: 148.34
Plus: $9 in $1 coupons, $2 free bread, $2.50 Starkist Savings, and $2 Produce Coupon
And the $12 in Catalina Discounts from previous promotions used today

Total Saved Today:

What did I spend? I spent just $23.24
(and it took me only 25 minutes to shop and aprox 15 mins to get the coupons together- not bad for an "hourly wage"

Anyone want to get together to max your savings too? I'm going to start a coupon swap group - you too, can save like this. Let's band together, get all the coupons from your friends/family/church/playgroup -- and we can become super savers, every week!

Here are a few bonus Items: has .80/3 Hamburger Helper coupons - Match this with the Albertsons doubler (they're on sale 10/$10) and get three for $1.40

Seventh Generation Cleaning Products and Baby Product Coupons:

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  1. Ok, I NEED to learn how to do this! Does it take you long to organize all of this? I make my lists and do "fairly" well, but NOTHING like this. I think my best so far was an $80 savings on a $180 bill at Albertsons.